Mayor, aldermen re-elected

Oneida Mayor Jack E. Lay and the town's three sitting aldermen were each elected to a new term in office by the voters of the Town of Oneida at the town's municipal election Saturday, Nov. 5.

Mayor Lay, who will begin his fifth term as Oneida's longest-serving mayor in the town's nearly 100-year history, won re-election against challenger Harold Brooks.

The incumbent aldermen, Cecil Anderson, David Lowe and Sharon Miller, were each re-elected. Linda Lay, wife of Oneida businessman John C. Lay and a retired spokesperson for Plateau Electric Cooperative, was elected to the vacant alderman seat, which had been open since former vice-mayor Jeff Tibbals resigned to assume his duties as Scott County's mayor in September 2010.

At the town's reorganizational meeting on Sept. 17, Lowe was appointed by the board as the town's vice-mayor. The move follows with tradition of appointing the election's highest vote-getter as the vice-mayor.

The board also voted to retain Chief of Police Darryl Laxton, City Judge Phillip Kazee and City Recorder Betty Matthews for new four-year terms.