Police Department


The Oneida Police Department has a reputation as one of the best-trained municipal police departments in the region. In addition to law enforcement within the town's municipal limits, the department provides public services by escorting business deposits to banks within the town and assisting neighboring law enforcement agencies when they're called upon to do so.

Daryl Laxton is chief of OPD. He was appointed to the position by the Oneida Mayor and Board of Aldermen in August 2010 after his predecessor, Mike Cross, was elected as sheriff of Scott County.

Crime & Crime-fighting

In 2009, the most recent statistics currently available, there were 573 criminal offenses committed in Oneida. Of those, 336 (58.34%) were solved. A total of 361 arrests were made.

Across the state in 2009, there were 602,900 criminal offenses committed. Of those, 217,206 (36%) were solved.